We are named after the South San Antonio icon and Legend. Members of the band are from all over Texas but have made San Antonio their home. The city and its people are one of the inspirations that fuel our original music as well as our creative takes on other artists songs. We play with passion and energy no matter what venue, audience or situation. Our goal is to to surprise and entertain. Our mission is to turn people on to what we are into and letting them know they are every bit a part of our music and live shows as we are. If we can get bodies moving, heads shaking and voices shouting we are a happy group of fellas.

Right now we are excited to head into the studio to try to capture our live sound. Until then catch us live at  establishments all over San Antonio, Austin and the surrounding area and make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram! Join our mailing list and drop us a line for booking, feedback or if you just want to be heard.